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Occupational Health and Safety training – Warsaw, Gdańsk, Olsztyn and more

All our comprehensive services are targeted at corporate and institutional customers. We have branches and agencies all over Poland. We are able to carry out our offer in each major city of the country. We are available not only in Warsaw, Wrocław, Katowice and Gdynia, but also all provincial capitals.

We offer our consulting and Health and Safety supervision services at your offices and in our headquarters. We are mobile and flexible. We offer continuing cooperation, based on a long-term contract as well as temporary collaboration in the form of a single order.

Our Occupational Health and Safety offer includes:
  • initial Health and Safety training,
  • periodic Health and Safety training,
  • Health and Safety training for employees,
  • Health and Safety training for employers,
  • Health and Safety audit and inspection,
  • Health and Safety registers required by the provisions of labour law,
  • preparation of general and on-the-job Health and Safety instructions,
  • performance of periodic Health and Safety analysis,
  • preparation of occupational risk assessment,
  • participation in work accident proceedings,
  • consulting in the scope of methods and organization of work at individual positions, which may be onerous, harmful for health or hazardous,
  • participation in preparing the development of the workplace as well as plans of its modernization in the scope of appropriate Health and Safety conditions,
  • conducting environmental research,
  • creating tables of work clothing and personal protective equipment allowance standards,
  • representing clients during inspections of the State Sanitary Inspectorate or the National Labour Inspectorate,
  • other activities related to the ordinance on Occupational Health and Safety service.
In the scope of Fire Protection our offer includes:
  • preparation of manuals and instructions pertaining to fire protection,
  • conducting Fire Protection inspections,
  • preparation of Fire Protection status protocols,
  • organization of training sessions in the scope of Fire Protection for employees.
Additionally, we offer:
  • preparation of applications related to fire and technological risks for employers,
  • consulting in the scope of passive fire protection, explosion hazards as well as methods and organization of work stations,
  • technical checkups of mobile firefighting equipment and indoor hydrants,
  • equipping facilities with firefighting
    manuals, emergency telephone number tables, fire protection information boards and safety signs,
  • fire drills.
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