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Professional OHS trainings

For many years now we have provided OHS and fire protection services to a number of Polish and international companies. We hold a status of a Training Centre registered in the Polish Board of Education in Warsaw at number 104/k/98. We provide professional OHS, fire protection, first aid and environmental protection trainings. We know our industry inside out and what makes us stand out is not only the content of our trainings and services but also their effectiveness.

Our OHS trainings are available in three forms:

  • in an accessible double form – theory combined with workshops (courses, seminars, practical exercises),

  • guided independent study,

  • course on an e-learning platform.

In our OHS trainings we focus on attracting participants’ attention and for that purpose we employ various methods of teaching which translate into the effectiveness of our courses. We use films, scripts, handouts and multimedia presentations. Besides, we have professional didactic resources and provide attendees with access to a very well-stocked library. Our training materials and curricula of individual trainings are developed in cooperation with such publishing houses as Wiedza i Praktyka or FORUM.

The team of our lecturers is composes of experts in occupational health and safety, fire protection and labour law. Every lecturer can boast a long standing teaching and professional experience.

Offer of OHS trainings and fire protection courses

We deliver our courses in Polish, English and German. The content of our OHS and fire protection courses which are obligatory for employees is based on currently applicable OHS regulations. Every training ends with an exam and if a participant passes it he or she will receive a certificate confirming completion of the training. In 2014 we trained over 9 thousand people.

We offer:

  • periodical OHS trainings for employees,

  • OHS trainings for employers,

  • OHS trainings for managers,

  • trainings for white collar workers,

  • trainings for blue collar workers,

  • trainings for the workers in engineering and technical positions,

  • trainings for OHS service workers.

We also organise:

  • first aid courses,

  • specialist courses for factory workers,

  • fire protection courses,

  • evacuation and fire fighting courses for the employees appointed by the employer,

  • courses on the methodology of position training.

OHS trainings Warsaw, Wrocław, Poznań, Gdynia and many more!

Our company’s headquarters is in Warsaw. We have, however, many agencies, in nearly every province. We are open, mobile and flexible and therefore we can deliver our trainings not only in our TBF Training Centre but also in our client’s seat. We customise our services and set the dates of their provision depending on our clients’ needs. We are looking forward to work with you! 

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