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Informing your employees about the dangers related to performing their professions directly impacts the results achieved by companies.

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The TBF training centre has been present in the Polish market since 1998. For nearly two decades we have been broadening our educational experience in the field of occupational health and safety and fire protection. Furthermore, we specialise in organisation of all kinds of obligatory, vocational and supplementary trainings and provide services related to environmental protection or ISO implementation.

Our offer includes, among other things:

  • carrying out the OHS service duties,
  • performing audits in the area of OHS and fire safety principles and regulations,
  • assessment of occupational hazard at work stations,
  • participation in the work of the teams which establish the causes and circumstances of industrial injuries,
  • OHS, fire protection and first aid trainings and courses,
  • expertise assistance in the implementation of orders, decisions and resolutions issued by the Polish National Labour Inspectorate (PIP) and State Sanitary Inspection (PIS),
  • measurements of illumination,
  • measurements of harmful factors at work stations,
  • and many other.

Apart from that we are authorised to deliver courses addressed to:

  • power truck drivers,
  • electric truck drivers,
  • power truck drivers, with respect to safe replacement of gas cylinders.
Twoja Bezpieczna Firma has the best lecturers and trainers

Our employees who have been working for us for many years are now a well-integrated team of highly qualified personnel with all necessary licenses authorising them to deliver various OHS and fire protection trainings. The TBF team consists of a number of OHS and fire protection experts as well as experienced health care professionals – physicians and rescuers. Despite the fact that our lectures and trainings often refer to quite difficult subjects based on OHS regulations and complicated laws, we always deliver them in a very accessible way. Not only do we make sure that the content of our trainings is of top quality but also that it constantly attracts participants’ attention.

The work of our training centre has been awarded with a number of important certificates:

TBF has its offices all around Poland

For years the list of our regular clients has grown longer, with new companies enlisted who came to us by word of mouth. We cooperate with many companies from all over Poland and from abroad.

The TBF headquarters is in Warsaw but you will find our company’s agencies and representative offices in Gdynia, Katowice and Olsztyn, as well as in all major provincial cities.


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