Supervision and consultancy regarding OHS and fire protection


Comprehensive OHS and fire protection supervision and consultancy

Our company offers you a comprehensive OHS and fire protection outsourcing. We would like to assure you that all our operations comply with Article 23711 § 2 of the Polish Labour Code and with the Regulation of the Council of Ministers on Occupational Health and Safety Service of 2 September 1997.

Outsourcing the services in the area of monitoring of compliance with OHS regulations is a perfect solution used by a growing number of companies. Commissioning OHS management to professionals is a proven and, as it turns out, the cheapest way of managing a company. It is also highly effective which translates not only into safety at every work station but also into better organisation and reduction of unnecessary costs. Outsourcing OHS services allows you to focus on what is most important to you – on the profile of your business.

Our company’s offer includes comprehensive consultancy and OHS supervision. The fact that we operate across the entire country allows us to be more mobile and flexible. All services and dates of their provision can be adopted to your individual needs. We do our best to treat every client individually and provide companies with everything they need in the area of occupational health and safety.

Our OHS services include:

  • elementary OHS training,
  • periodic OHS training,
  • OHS training for employees,
  • OHS training for employers,
  • OHS audit and supervision,
  • OHS records as required by labour law,
  • preparation of general or work station specific OHS instructions,
  • preparation of periodical OHS analysis,
  • preparation of occupational hazard assessment,
  • participation in post-accident proceedings,
  • consultancy concerning methods and organisation of work at specific work stations which may be troublesome, detrimental to health or dangerous,
  • participation in the drawing up of a workplace development and upgrade plan to ensure that it meets OHS requirements,
  • conducting environmental research,
  • preparation of a table of standards for allocation of work clothing and personal protective equipment,
  • representing the client during the inspection carried out by PIP and PIS,
  • other activities related to the resolution on OHS service.

Fire protection consultancy services:

  • preparation of fire safety instructions and dispositions,
  • carrying out of fire protection inspections,
  • drawing up of fire protection reports,
  • organisation of fire safety trainings for employees.
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