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Testimonials from TBF’s clients

TBF provides OHS services to many Polish and international companies. We work with demanding clients who expect that the services they receive are of top quality. In every case we do our best to meet our clients’ expectations. For that purpose we rely on all of our knowledge and skills gathered over the long period of our operation. Professional character of our services finds its confirmation in the fact that we have cooperated with such companies as Costa, Bank BPH, mBank, Starbucks Coffee, Atlantic, CePeLek, FSO – fabryka samochodów osobowych, Fundacja WOŚP, Metro Warszawskie, Olsztyński Teatr Lalek, or Telewizja Polska S.A.

In the case of every accepted order for services we try to take into account specific character of a given company or institution and customise our occupational health and safety-related services in such a way that they are most relevant and useful in the given workplace.

Due to comprehensive preparation of our OHS trainers it is easier for training participants to learn a large amount of new information and then use it at work. During OHS courses we try to use the training time to the maximum. And we must say that the content of our trainings is valued by their participants really highly. Participants of our trainings often admit that the courses we provided were interesting, useful and gave them a lot of knowledge in the field of OHS regulations.

In their testimonials our former and present clients frequently refer to our flexibility, mobility and punctuality. Due to the fact that we are a large company with agencies in a number of Polish cities (Warsaw, Gdynia, Poznań, Wrocław, Olsztyn, etc.) we can afford to customise our services and set dates of their provision depending on our client’s needs. Our clients appreciate it and very often decide to stay with us for longer.

We are proud of the number of positive opinions we receive. At the same time we would like to emphasise that our clients’ satisfaction is our goal. We want to constantly adapt our offer to the needs and expectations of entrepreneurs. Since the very beginning of our operation we have focused on innovative solutions, high standard of provided services and flexibility. Besides, what is specific to our company (as well as to any other one dealing with OHS and fire protection) is the fact that we work with people all the time and therefore an open approach, dialogue and a positive model of cooperation are of utmost importance in our relations with clients.


Our clients
Testimonials from our clients

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