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Full time fire protection for companies

TBF offers comprehensive OHS consultancy and supervision services. The offer also includes fire protection services. All our operations in this respect are carried out in accordance with the Fire Protection Act and Regulation of the Council of Ministers on Occupational Health and Safety Service of 2 September 1997.

Trainings in fire protection should be one of the basic elements of every company’s operation. Even if it may seem that there is no fire hazard in your workplace. Pursuant to the Act of 26 June 1974 (Article 2091/1 § 1.2, Dz.U. [Polish Journal of Laws] of 1988 No. 21, item 94, as amended), every employer is obliged to appoint specific persons in their company responsible for fire fighting and evacuation of other personnel. Certainly, in order for such tasks to be performed correctly by these people, they need a professional training which will show them what to do in hazardous situations of this kind.

Our fire protection services include:

  • fire protection training for employees,

  • drawing up of fire protection instructions for buildings and other structures in accordance with § 6 of the Regulation of the Ministry of Interior and Administration on fire protection of buildings and other structures and areas of 7 June 2010, Dz.U. No. 109, item 719,

  • inspection of fire protection and preparation of reports on fire safety,

  • organisation of evacuation and carrying out test evacuation,

  • carrying out periodic inspections, verification and repair of hand-operated fire fighting equipment,

  • inspection of hydrant pressure and efficiency, and, if necessary, also water hose pressure testing,

  • drawing up of internal dispositions and instructions concerning fire protection,

  • submitting to the employer applications concerning fire and technological hazard in the working place,

  • consultancy concerning methods and organisation of work stations, passive fire protection, explosion hazard, including fire protection measures,

  • equipping the objects we supervise with fire protection instructions, lists of emergency phone numbers, evacuation signs, fire signs, fire information plates, hand-operated fire fighting equipment,

  • giving advise and opinion on all issues related to fire protection.

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